Monthly Archives: March 2017

The SnapMania – Does Facebook wants to be Snapchat

If you are using social media platforms, you can see that. Lately, one after another is launching Snapchat like features. For example, Instagram has Instagram stories  Introducing Instagram Stories from Instagram on Vimeo. And Facebook just launched Facebook Stories    So why does Facebook invest in Snapchat like features? According to what Facebook’s spokesman said… Read More »

How your personal and business brand affects your business success?

This post was originally posted on but I wanted to also publish it on my personal blog. I hope you enjoy. Personal and Business Brands Recently I undertook an assignment to find out professionals that influence the brand market in the UK and Scotland, how they became influencers, what makes them influencers and how… Read More »

10 apps to help you have an insanely productive 2017!

The ten apps that can help you have an insanely productive life I was inspired to write this post while I was doing some ASO work for Superday, an app developed by the Toggl team. If you are reading this then probably productivity is important to you. Most people have to balance work and personal life… Read More »

Gary Vaynerchuk – Motivation and Success

Gary Vay-Ner-Chuk is unquestionably one of the most influential people in business, marketing, and social media. An entrepreneur, author, and social media master, he has over 1.2m followers on Instagram, 1.4m followers on Twitter, over 500k subscribers on YouTube, and almost 1.5m followers on Facebook.   Vaynerchuk is loud on social media. He uses everyday… Read More »